Axon Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is designed for number plate recognition as per SIRA by Dubai government and vehicle access applications to facilitate streamlined vehicle access control in situations where vehicles need to be granted entry. ANPR system allows for quick and easy vehicle identification over short or longer ranges. Find out if ANPR is the perfect solution for your situation.

What is AXON ANPR??
AXON ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and comprises the technology of vehicle identification by number plate. With the implementation of automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR), the technology is able to scan a number plate and sent the output to SIRA as per Dubai Government. This allows for a modernized version of vehicle access control, with the integration of gatebarrier and limits the need for human workforce given the standalone character of ANPR technology.

About AXON

Axon Tech is one of the upcoming brands that will be known in the software industry. We focus on the customer’s satisfaction by meeting their needs with high end technologies and quality. Our excellence in the field derived through extra dedication to the quality, performance and the experience in new technologies. We believe in the professional-art, gained through knowledge in the technologies, team work and uncompromising quality and performance, the only factor that builds up a product and service into success.

Today, designing and building enterprise applications requires more than just being experienced at writing code. It demands using technology in thoughtful, creative, and innovative ways to achieve greater productivity, customer loyalty, and revenue opportunities. It demands thinking, designing, and solving problems in a unique way. At Axon Tech, we know a thing or two about being different in ways that matter for our clients.

AXONTEC was founded with a unique idea to became one of the pioneers Company in the Security surveillance system & Fire Alarm Services and a single source for all security solutions. We are twenty years of experienced integrated service oriented company. We constantly strive to get better in our quality of work and maintain a steady reputation among our clients, partners and associates. We are mostly dealing multi corporate clients.

About AXON ANPR Camera

IPC-AX1350H contains Face Capture, Perimeter Protection and People Counting functions. Powered by deep-learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms, significantly improved accuracy. Active Deterrence and Full Color camera are also in this series. Meanwhile, the series features starlight and smart IR technology. This series fully protected from dust and water.

Face Capture
Face capture is a software application that automatically captures faces from within a digital image or a video frame from a video source. AXON cameras use advanced deep learning algorithms and are trained by a large number of face data sources, enabling the camera to locate faces quickly and accurately from the video source and capture facial images.

Perimeter Protection
AXON’s Perimeter Protection functions significantly improved accuracy. Perimeter Protection reduces false alarms and decreases pixel count requirements for object detection.

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