HANI IT provide advanced ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) camera offer best price with installation, mainly used by police forces and security personnel to identify the stolen vehicle

Features of ANPR


HANI IT provide advanced ANPR Automatic number plate recognition Offaly used by police forces and security personnel to identify the stolen vehicle. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) also called as License Plate Recognition is an advanced technology that uses image processing and optical character recognition on video streams/images to read vehicle registration plates in real time to create vehicle location information


·        Automated Parking Solution

·        Police/Law Enforcement/Military

·        Parking Area Monitoring

·        Gated Community Security

·        Automated Toll System

·        Traffic Violation Identification


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MAIN Benefits of ANPR

Effective-vehicle-tracking Effective vehicle tracking and surveillance,

Efficient parking occupancy management, Better traffic monitoring,

Efficient data analytics, Accurate-real-time Accurate real-time

Information with faster access control, Tracking complete visitor/resident owner movement

Tracking stolen vehicles/suspended license vehicles

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