An accurate Parking Management System is an essential need of modern era as well as to run your business. Inadequate car parking may create difficulties for the customers or visitors. Hani IT Security Solutions here offers you the best, seamless, efficient and echo-friendly Parking Management System to achieve your business goals. Moreover, we provide the most cost-effective system without compromising on quality or standard. So, if you are looking for Parking Management System then yes you are at right place. Just let us know about your requirements and needs and then enjoy the best ever services.


Having an easy and best entry and exit system is critical to any car park. At Hani IT Security Solutions we provide a comprehensive system that allows your customers/visitors to use your car park easily. Moreover Hani IT offers parking management systems with park chip technology as well as QR Code Readers, multi-standard card readers, and ANPR technology. These features ensure quick and easy entry and exit.

Audio/Video Intercom facility:

Audio/Video Intercom is also necessary to entertain the customers on real-time. We offer you the best quality audio/video intercom at an affordable price. Moreover, an accurate parking system consists of a centralized supervisory system that maintains a database of vacant space.


An intelligent parking system always makes life easy for business as well as customers. Hani IT solutions also offers parking management system in Dubai with pre-booking features also. Your customer’s visitors can book their parking place before their arrival. This feature surely assists you and your customers a lot.

QR Code Entry & Exit Technology:

Parking management system a vital role in the revolution of metropolitan areas. Every type of parking management has its own advantages. Hani IT offers the parking management system with QR code which enables the operation very easy and smooth.


ANPR is an Automatic Number Plate Reader that can read number plates from a specific distance. Hani IT Security Solutions provides you the parking control system with ANPR. This will surely enhance the efficiency of your parking system.

Integrated Card Reader for Regular Parker

The customer or person who visits any premises regularly surely demands some priority and some special access in parking. We offer you the integrated car reader for these type of regular persons. This features will facilitate your regular employees or customer. Hence, you want such type of Parking System just let us know.

Multilingual Color Display:

Hani IT Security Solutions offers you multilingual display as well parking management system. The full HD display will educate the visitors about parking guidelines and many other indicators.

RFID Reader

Where parking is paid, we offer the RFID access which controls the payment module. Payment through RFID is contact-less payment. So it does help your customers to pay you on their own ease.

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In urbanite areas parking systems experience more parking challenges. Usually the core cause of these challenges is the space availability. Either the motorists cannot find parking spaces or the parking area is already consumed. Many facility owners implement parking management system to resolve their parking issues. As per the parking specialists, parking management system involves the fruitful utilization of parking resources.

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