SIRA Certification

SIRA Certification

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) is a government agency in Dubai which monitors and oversees the security measurements & installations of all type and approves if those are of best standard. Hani IT Security Solutions is a SIRA approved company in Dubai, UAE which provides you services of getting SIRA certificate as well as operates like a consultancy. You have done with security installations and want it to be certified by SIRA, then, yes we are here with your solution. Just contact us, explain us your requirements and then let us do the rest for you.

Features of SIRA Certification

What is SIRA?

SIRA is known as the Security Industry Regulatory Authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was introduced by the Dubai Government in 2016 to monitor the security measurements, to ensure Dubai the safest city and to certify the right people for security duties. Prior to SIRA, it was the Department of Protective System of the Dubai Police who used to manage all these activities.

What is SIRA Certification & why you need?

 SIRA certification is actually the approval of the security arrangements which have been made by you. If you are a company provide security services then your installations or services will be checked by SIRA Inspectors and they find those appropriate enough, they will issue the certificated you. You are looking to run a security company in Dubai, either it is of Security Guards or IT security installation you need this certificate.


Following are the needy of SIRA certification:-

·         Centre for operation and monitoring systems SIRA Approval

·         Security and Surveillance system Installation and Maintenance SIRA Certification

·         Security Control and Alarm equipment trading SIRA Approval

·         Security Control and monitoring services SIRA Approval

·         Security arrangements and Surveillance SIRA Certification

·         Warehouses SIRA Approval

·         Factories and Malls SIRA Approval

·         Business setup SIRA Certification

·         Office Building and premises SIRA Approval

·         Residential and Commercial buildings SIRA certificate

IT Security & Surveillance Installation Certificate:

In Dubai, Big malls, offices, and plazas essentially need SIRA certificate for their security arrangements. Similarly, CCTV installation and video surveillance systems also required to be certified from SIRA. So, if you need this certificate or you find it difficult, then we are here for you to solve this problem.

The process to get SIRA Certification:

To get a SIRA certificate, you have to go through a hectic process and security check. If you are new to this industry then you may leave many loopholes. Moreover, each activity requires a different process to be certified. There are different documents that may be required and you may have to visit again and again. So, to avoid this hectic activity, just let us know, we will get your SIRA certificate at an affordable price.


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SIRA certification is an essential need to do business in Dubai and it is also not an easy pill to get. Hani IT Security Solution is a SIRA approved company in Dubai to solve all your problems regarding SIRA certification. We offer our services 24/7 to serve you having an experience of over two decades on our back. Moreover, we also have a series of big names as our clients in our portfolio. So, just contact us, tell us your problems and we will come up to you with best solutions.

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