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SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) is a Dubai government Agency that oversees and regulates all forms of security measures and installations, approving only those that satisfy the highest standard. Hani IT Security Solutions is a SIRA approved company in Dubai, that provides SIRA certified services and consultancy. We have a solution for you if you've completed security installations and want SIRA to certify them. Simply contact us, describe your requirements, and let us handle the rest.

What is SIRA Certification and why do you need it?
SIRA accreditation is a stamp of approval for the security arrangements you’ve put in place. If your organization provides security services, SIRA Inspectors will inspect your installations or services, and if they are found to be appropriate, they will offer you a certificate. You need this certificate if you want to manage a security company in Dubai-UAE, whether it’s for security guards or IT security installations.

Sira Approved Company in Dubai

Using cutting-edge technology, a SIRA approved company, Hani IT Security Solutions, 25 years of experience in innovation provides high-quality services in the areas of information systems, management consulting, design, development, and customization of business software. Full integration and bespoke programming for real-world enterprise business solutions are provided by our highly qualified and certified specialists.

Hani IT Security Solutions is a prominent SIRA approved security solution provider in the Middle East, offering high-quality security and surveillance systems. We are registered with SIRA (Dubai Police HQ), and all our Engineers are certified from SIRA (Security Cadre Training Center).

We provide SIRA approved services and consultancy to protect and regulate the sector with world-class security systems, rules, and procedures, ensuring that Dubai remains one of the safest cities in the world to live in.

IT Security & Surveillance Installation Certificate:
In Dubai, Big malls and plazas, the SIRA certificate is essential for their security settings. Likewise, CCTV installation and video surveillance systems are also required to be certified by SIRA. The process for obtaining a SIRA certificate is something hectic especially if you are new to this industry. Each activity has to go through different processes and different documentation tasks required to get SIRA certified along with frequent visits. So, if you find it difficult and need assistance for the SIRA certificate, we are here to assist you.

We offer SIRA approval services for warehouses, residential buildings, commercial buildings, Jewelry offices, precious metal trading, non-precious metal trading offices etc. You can also rely on us for the SIRA approval of drawings and SIRA approval of pyrotechnics.

Sira Approved CCTV in Dubai

We specialize in the design, installation, repair, and maintenance of a wide range of security systems for commercial and residential properties, as well as industrial sites in the UAE. For all applications and sectors, we strive to provide high-quality products, VideoGuard , Eguard SIRA Alarm police connectivity SIRA License renewal , SIRA Approved NVR DVR great service, and innovative security solutions. Our security cameras and equipment are all built using cutting-edge technology and high-quality components. Consult one of our security specialists to choose the best security systems for your business or property, and you'll have years of reliable surveillance protection.

We take pleasure in offering the best customer service in the industry at Hani IT Security Solutions. Our employees are always being trained in order to provide the finest possible client service. Our team, which includes installation and service experts as well as customer support and central station operators, remains on top of industry goods, trends, and best practices. You get our help when you need it.

Hani IT Security Solutions will tailor each security system we install to match the specific needs of each company, utilizing only proven top-of-the-line equipment installed by our highly qualified personnel. For commercial businesses, having a well-functioning system saves time, energy, and money.

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